Cloud Disaster Recovery

Serving clients who protect their business data from Hurricanes, Floods, Tornado's, Fire, Cyber attacks and when all other things unexpected happens with Aegisys Go-Live Servers ...

who do you trust? 

Trust Aegisys ... our solutions have been proven time and again to be there where needed most. Aegisys Disaster Recovery clients have operated direct off their Disaster Recovery servers when when the worst or unexpected happen. Our servers are client tested to ensure should they be needed, your business continuity is assured. Our Disaster Recovery server solution works ... and where others offer just a plan, Aegisys provides the solution that keeps your business running. Trusted by Municipalities, Police, Fire, Electric companies and by small business throughout North America, contact Aegisys and get started protecting your business today!

Here are a few uses that our clients have chosen for their business.

  • Offsite location for data backup storage
  • Hot Site servers within minutes of your production Server
  • Warm Servers which restore nightly from Production
  • Virtual and Physical server options

Managed Disaster Recovery 

Aegisys has helped businesses get Disaster Recovery solutions operating within their infrastructure. And when offsite alternatives were not available, we integrated cloud servers to our clients and setup the entire process.

Whether you have an in house solution OR a hybrid cloud option with Aegisys, Aegisys can manage the entire solution for you ... no more headaches for you and your staff.

Cloud Disaster Recovery | Powered by Aegisys

Cyber threats, natural disasters and human error all pose significant risks to organizations. In the blink of an eye, they can easily lose their business-critical data and applications through events as simple as a power outage to as catastrophic as an earthquake. Because downtime is never an option, modern businesses rely on cloud-based disaster recovery (DR) services from Aegisys or replicate your PRODUCTION server real-time or within minutes of files being changed (Some conditions do apply). Introduce version control with your data and never worry about falling back to a previous version of a document or spreadsheet.

Include your Active Directory server in your Disaster Recovery strategy for your Private Domain and you never again have to worry about site wide failure or loss of building specific to AD securities.

In doing so inherently protects your file share permissions, Internal DNS, and your applications. Your HOT SITE is GO-LIVE ready and is ready for use if your server was to fail in your local network. In fact, we ask you check your servers routinely.

Our solution is one if which you will have complete confidence in as you can run and print from your applications direct from our data center 24x7x365.

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