Your Business is your Top Priority

Managing the Technology is ours ...

Aegisys focuses on establishing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with clients. Instead of basing our business model on your system and network failures, we chose to measure our success by your stability. Our focus is not to profit from your problems ... we would rather be judged by our work to prevent them.


All our solutions are as unique and innovative as is your business. We custom tailor each maintenance solution for each client with the shared objective to establish predictable and reliable networks and systems that grows as your business does. 


Our services are granular and scalable. Pay ONLY for what you use ... per device ... per month with no long term agreements required. For those who wish our "All Inclusive flat monthly Service", that option is available as well.


We work the way you do ... call us today and let us prove IT to you!


Get the Aegisys Advantage!


Hosted Server Backup INCLUDED!

Our backups have full version control capabilities in our cloud. Stop redoing work - roll in back with one call to our Support Team. It's fast and easy and a real time saver!


Anywhere Remote  Access


Connect to your business and your Hosted environment from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Optional integration to your Active directory means a single unified password.

Have peace of mind using over our "One Time Password" feature which is our answer for two factor authentication keeping your access safe and secure.

Our Remote Access Portal is free with any Aegisys Maintenance package and works with your smart phone as well!




Aegisys provides managed security services to our clients.

Aegisys has exceptional visibility of suspicious activity occurring in our Hosted networks and also allows us to provide services to our clients that help them meet their compliance requirements.  


Stay ONLINE with our Distributed DNS INCLUDED

Aegisys provides Dynamic DNS services for our Hosted Clients ensuring High Availability for your Hosted systems and applications.



Your Multi Factor PROTECTED dashboard sends you daily, weekly, monthly and executive reports. Review them over your morning coffee and see how your network performed. Login and see REAL TIME your server metrics such as disk space, memory, cpu and network traffic for trend analysis. We dont just say we monitor, we PROVE IT to you!


System Patching INCLUDED

We take the worry out of patching your servers. Aegisys automations will manage this process fully for you so you can focus on your business. Track them and roll back from our ONLINE DASHBOARD 24x7x365. Managing network under a SINGLE PANE OF GLASS is what we do!

More about us

How it works - Success Stories for every business

Your business is dependent on technology today more than ever. It is expensive and becoming more and more complex with each passing year.

We can help! Aegisys Solutions are tailor-made for every business big and small. Since 1999, (that's 17 years!) we worked incredibly  hard to come up with the "Solutions for everyone" approach in our innovative HOSTING alternatives.

Let us explain. Small business typically only has a one or two servers with some workstations. Staffing is small and every team member contributes. This often means, however, that folks are doing "what they can" being spread so thin on time  to perform tasks and although it is admirable, technology can be unforgiving when it fails. Should this occur, it could be devastating to your business and your customers.

Aegisys long understood these pressures and aligned our support maintenance agreements to your business. This means simply that your servers get backed up, your data is properly secured, and you benefit with the Aegisys secure remote access portal back to your business network from anywhere there is Internet for a low monthly fee. Yup - all that. At Aegisys, we work the way you do!

As servers age, they require replacing unfortunately. You can

  • buy a new server (typically lease) OR
  • leverage a custom Managed cloud server from Aegisys and integrate it back to your business securely as a "cost of service".

The cost of service for the Hosted server is a powerful alternative. Difference is, being powered by the Aegisys cloud is infused with added value. We manage the server throughout the life cycle entirely working side by side as your business grows. And, it always runs on the latest technology ... backup, patching, and day to day management is ALL included as a low monthly cost of service. This means your team can focus on business development and not on technology. AND you have placed a PROVEN talented technology team as an extension of your business for a fraction of the cost. Sound good? It is!

We understand that cloud hosting is not for everyone and so Aegisys partners with Dell and others to custom tailor your procurement SPECIFIC to your needs.

We do it all from ensuring the server or workstation you buy meets what you need, and it comes with what is required to properly PROTECT your business data. We will procure, migrate and deploy your data as well as (if you choose) manage your network technology day in ... day out 24x7x365 throughout its life cycle.

You grow ... we grow with you ... side by side ... and your partnership with Aegisys gives you confidence because we have done IT with businesses big and small. We have been there for our clients 24x7 as they needed assistance in the early morning hours and have earned our esteemed clients respect and trust over and over. Aegisys expertise empowers your business.

So whether you need the Cloud, or a hybrid  of Cloud and Local network servers, Aegisys IS your Premier TECHNOLOGY partner!

Contact us - we know you will be impressed in our robust expertise, our continued relentless innovation and our dedicated passion for customer service.

About our networks

It's OUR network running within OUR Hosting locations and having Two Hosting Locations in the Greater City of Sudbury is something we're proud of. Why?

A lot of Hosting companies outsource their datacenter needs to other companies.

The datacenters they use are not designed for cloud hosting in whole or in part, and/or they aren't managed by people who know Hosting inside and out, and/or they aren't motivated for the same reasons we are.

We work tirelessly and around the clock to make sure that your Servers stay up, stay fast, and stay supported with the latest in hosting technology.

So, why do we own our networks? Simple. Owning our networks allows Aegisys to leverage our investment and expertise to provide tailored solutions for our clients. With the ultimate amount of flexibility we can build infrastructure solutions that range from a 100% cloud computing environment to a simple cabinet or cage of co-location space.

This way our clients can even build a hybrid environment that allows them to move systems and platforms into the cloud at their pace; we will even help you build your migration plan from co-location to cloud computing! Our datacenter locations allows us to provide the most flexibility and to meet our clients with the right solution, right where they are.

Call us today and partner with a company where Hosting servers means it is safe, secure and managed by people you trust and authorize. Your business data is vital.  

Trust Aegisys ... because your data deserves more!