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24x7 Cyber Security Threat Monitoring & Response

Stop attackers in their tracks with our managed cyber security detection and response solution backed by a world-class security operations center.

Endpoint Security
Windows & MacOS event log monitoring, breach detection, malicious files and processes, threat hunting, intrusion detection, 3rd party NGAV integrations and more.


Network Security
Firewall and edge device log monitoring integrated with threat reputation, Whois and DNS information.


Cloud Security

Microsoft 365 security event log monitoring, Azure AD monitoring, Microsoft 365 malicious logins, Secure Score.



RocketCyber - Aegisys

powered by RocketCyber’s Managed SOC Platform
and Security Teams

empowered LIVE response by Aegisys 24×7


Cyber threats are 24×7 – Why would your response be 8×5?



Managed SOC Key Features

The most comprehensive set of Cyber Security features means you can focus you’re your business while our team of security experts ensures the you have the most advanced protection leveraging your existing tools and technologies across endpoint, network and cloud. Aegisys Managed Security Operation Center means we monitor, respond and remediate  incidents 24×7.

Security App Store

Get more by monitoring your existing tools 24/7 and with our App Store turn on just the monitoring you want with over 35 cybersecurity Apps across the most popular products including:

Security App Store

  • AV/AM Monitoring with SentinelOne, Cylance, Webroot, BitDefender, Windows Defender, Sophos and Deep Instinct.


  • Firewall Analyzer & Monitoring with Fortinet, WatchGuard, SonicWall, Sophus, Barracuda, Juniper, Cisco Meraki, PfSense, Untangle, and Ubiquiti.


  • Email Monitoring & DNS Monitoring with Microsoft 365, IRONSCALES, Barracuda, DNSFilter and Cisco Umbrella.


  • And much more including …



SIEMless Log Monitoring Monitoring

Monitor, search, alert and report on the 3 attack pillars: network, cloud and endpoint log data spanning Windows and macOS, Firewalls and Network Devices, Microsoft 365 & Azure AD without requiring SIEM hardware.

Breach Detection

Detect adversaries that evade traditional cyber defenses such as Firewalls and AV. Identifies attacker TTPs and aligns with Mitre Attack, producing a forensic timeline of chronological events to deter the intruder before a breach occurs.

No Hardware Required

Patent pending cloud-based technology eliminates the need for on-prem hardware. Our platform facilitates leveraging the power of the cloud and purpose-built RocketApps, detecting malicious actors evading cyber defense's.

Intrusion Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of malicious and suspicious activity, identifying indicators such as connections to terrorist nations, unauthorized TCP/UDP services, backdoor connections to C2 servers, lateral movements and privilege escalation.