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View and manage your entire network from anywhere there's Internet through our Secure Dashboard

About Aegisys Managed Networks

We have been providing Managed IT Services for over 18 years. We support businesses globally in many verticals such as Gaming Casino's, Municipal, Electric LDC's, small business of any size, Police and Fire Departments, manufacturing, Mining, Retail and so many more. We have worked tirelessly to provide all the support and services you need from one Managed Service Partner. Aegisys partners with technology vendors such as DELL, Unitrends, Barracuda, Sonicwall (many more) and can engineer, provide, implement and manage support througout it's hardware life cycle. Our friendly professional support team have been background verified to provide the most stategic computer and network support direct to your business with no long term agreement requirements. We will improve your business!​​​​​​​

Why our clients say we are the best!

We easily manage your IT infrastructure 24/7/365 with our powerful, secure, web based dashboard. Benefit via our mobile apps to see your network from anywhere, anytime real-time. 

Experience the value of our Pro-Active Support! We protect the vital assets of your business including workstations, servers, mobile devices, network devices and so much more.

We place a team of Aegisys professionals for a fraction of the cost of one technician

You receive subscription based services with an ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE and NOT just a block of time.

Pay Only for what you use in Cloud Services

  • No Long term agreement required
  • Cost is based on a per device basis (PC, Server, Network device)
  • Included in Standard Cloud Bundle is Patch Management, Automated Monitoring, Remote Access, Monitoring of Backup & Antivirus, and Full Reporting
  • Completely scalable - Hybrid options available
  • Managed Helpdesk is included but remains optional if not required

Hybrid Service Agreements

  • Includes ANY of the above with full support based on a low flat monthly fee
  • These bundles are very veritile including premium LIVE monitoring and response using our managed Helpdesk support, and optional Cloud Servers with full support integrated back to your business "as if in the next room"
  • Our clients prefer this option as it includes everything needed to place our IT services DIRECTLY inside their business for a flat monthly fee
  • Completely Scalable

Here are the focus areas of our Managed Services offering:

Aegisys solutions are completely scalable to your business. You pay only for what you use and the service plans grows as you do.  

Aegisys service plans are flexible! Whether you prefer a monthly fee via contract, or a “pay as you go” approach; our agreement plans provide comprehensive answers to your business computer network. Custom tailer your solution today! 

Call us today toll free 1 866 961 1805 to get started with your your FREE thirty day trial!

Premium Features and Pricing

Need more? We provide the following as well based on a per PC | Per Server Basis with no long term agreements required!

We are into relationships ...

Although no long term agreements are needed for most of our cloud offerings, our service plans are the Preferred choice of our clients for those who wish an elevated relationship with our experts. You get all the support you need for one low monthly fee with no surprise charges.

Did you know we provide FREE Network and Server assessments? Schedule your Network Health Check today!

Stop waiting for your technology to break

The Aegisys managed service model of IT Support provides Pro-active maintenance since 1999. Our services can come as a monthly fee, or as a per device basis; whichever model suits your business best! We know that our pro-active computer and network support plans is the very best for your business unlike other companies who still seem to be stuck on the old break/fix reactive model of running down to their customer’s office whenever a problem arises and then charging an hourly rate for however long it took to fix the issue. 


Why Break/Fix is Deadly for your Business


  • Break/Fix clients and end-users tend to develop a tolerance for problems they might perceive as “minor”. They’ll put off calling for help until absolutely necessary. However, even minor problems diminish productivity, create frustration, cause negative perception of the computer systems and the working network environment and ultimately, minor issues tend to escalate into major issues over time – causing further expense, loss of productivity and more frustration.


  • If no one is monitoring the equipment inventories on a regular basis, systems will become outdated, resulting in poor performance and incompatibilities with newer software and devices. Clients will be forced into upgrades, rather than budgeting for upgrades on a planned schedule. Unplanned hits to the IT budget result in a greater reluctance to calling the consultant.


  • Without proactive monitoring of critical systems, such as backup, antivirus and server logs, disastrous errors can occur resulting in potentially catastrophic damages to the client’s business.


For example:


  1. The backup fails to run for several weeks, but without monitoring, no one knows until the hard drives completely fail. The client discovers that weeks of invoices, work records, product orders and communications with important customers are completely lost and will be difficult, if not impossible to recreate.
  2. The server’s antivirus expired two months ago, but no one noticed. A virus hits and runs through the network like wildfire, resulting in a full day or more where no employees are able to boot their workstations until a complete cleaning and in several cases, full rebuilds of the workstations are completed.
  3. No one is monitoring the firewall and a spam-bot makes its way onto the Exchange Server turning it into a spam relay. As a result, the client’s domain is blacklisted, the ISP cuts service and Internet and email are completely shut down while you scramble for hours or even days trying to repair the damage.


When something goes wrong with your server network, it impacts your entire company and the reactive Break/Fix model of computer support is bad for your business.


There is an easier way. It’s called the Aegisys Managed Service Model.


Aegisys goes beyond traditional break/fix operations by offering proactive IT support at a flat-rate monthly fee or on a cost per device plan. We’ll keep your systems running smoothly so that you and your employees can focus on what’s most important – your business.


We provide ALL the skilled and knowledgable IT Support necessary securely direct to your business. Imagine offloading the day to day management of your technology freeing you and your staff to focus on your business.


Our fully managed service plans for your business Computer and Network Support needs are GUARANTEED. We provide Service Level Agreement as our promise and commitment to excellence.


Aegisys provides managed technological services to small, medium and large businesses alike.


Your costs are predictable and loaded with added value. 


PREMIUM Managed Security 

"Managed Security helps you to protect your systems, minimize data loss and keeps your business running"

Security Services direct from our Cloud


Aegisys focuses on establishing long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. Instead of basing our business model on your system and network failures, we chose to measure our success based on your stability. We greatly value our client relationships and are truely fortunate to have earned the respect of so many. 

Knowledgable Professional Staff

Aegisys continues to re-invest back into our networks and staff to provide state of the art equipment with a focus on quality over quantity. As part of our commitment to you, all Aegisys staff is background checked. Partner with a company that is trusted and proven in all aspects of IT management ... partner with Aegisys!

Predictable and Reliable Networks and Systems

Our business continues to grow each day because of our satisfied base of clients recommending our wide range of services to their friends and business associates. We work very hard to provide excellent customer support while maintaining and improving both our own as well as our clients  fast, reliable networks. 

Why we are the best

Our proven solutions are as unique as your business is and we don't rest until you are completely satisfied. 

Our support staff responds quickly and provide effective, efficient responses to any problem you may have in real-time whereever possible. Just the freindly knowable support you need on demand.

We understand IT security best practices working in client high security environments such as Casino's and Police networks. Understanding the sensitive nature of IT environments, we include active, passive and host-based technologies making us among the most secure Managed solutions providers.

Our professional customer care is provided to help our clients with their technology problems in as efficient a manner as we possibly can. We are commited to excellent in customer support relationships and your business success.


Aegisys Partners with Dell, Unitrends, Barracuda Networks, and many others meaning that from the engineering the best possible technological solution of whatever that is for your business to deployment and subsequent support, we have you covered throughout the entire life cycle of your network. Aegisys does your network "right" from the beginning meaning reliability and improved productivity.

We cannot promise your technology will not fail. What we can promise is that we will respond professionally, and fix problems in as effecient a manner as we possibily can to get you running fast and provide knowledgable insight into any problems our monitoring detects before they become major outages for you.

We teach you how to improve your business processes, and make the technology affordable for you. Together, we ensure your networks and how they are used is safe, and responsible for everyone.

Our dedicated highly trained professionals are always ready to help you with any issue. We are extremely well versed in technology best practices and the steps necessary to achieve them.